Paragliding in Australia

Coastal beauty.
Manilla Australia’s top XC site, made for pilots.
XC Flatlands - Conargo - record braking distances

Your guide to Paragliding in Australia 



Paragliding in Australia happens to be one of the TOP XC long distance countries in the world. The season begins in November to end of March with January and February out to brake XC personal bests. 

Seiko Fukuoka No1. world ranking female champion is currently holding the Australian record of over 500km on a paraglider over the flatlands.

Australian inland pilots have a high passion for cross country and take there sport seriously. Not for the faint hearted due to the extreme conditions we fly in.    


On a lighter side we have many Coastal sites ranging from low sand dune flying and spectacular sites with 2 of the most Beautiful coastal sites of the world. 

In the last couple of years pilots have been out to brake XC records at some coastal regions with the most recent expedition to the Great Australian bite south coast in the middle of nowhere for the first time. A distance of 145km was made in January 2017 and has the potential out and return of 300km dependent of catching the right conditions.


Australia runs 3 world class inland AAA sanctioned race competitions with a maximum capacity of 100 pilots and many on waiting lists to get in.