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MTC - Pro-Design mobile test centre
MTC - Pro-Design mobile test centre

About web admin: I am Australian began paragliding whilst living in Europe 2000. I went full time 2007. After training at Blitz/Boom reserve manufactures I began working for  Pro-Design paragliders running there mobile test centre MTC for paragliding schools, events & Testivals. I am blessed with insider knowledge of the paragliding manufacturing industry a big thanks to Herbert Hofbauer, Pier and Pepi Gastieger Parashop Kössen also to Leoni and Jarda Herman FlyPark Spain Almūnecar

Coming back to Australia 2014 I’ve motivated service and repair centres to heighten practices closer to what we see in Europe. 

Building the brand Australia wide.
Building the brand Australia wide.

2016 - BGD mostly unknown in Australia. With Bruce and Arna Goldsmiths encouragement, I took on distribution and brought BGD Australia wide. 

2017 - With U-turns support I continue Acro Training 

U-Turns higher safety aspect has heightened my desire for Acro again. We are seeing more and more Australian acro pilots do a U-Turn for 

Further thanks also to My coach Lee Tryhorn and my Acro mentor Michael Maldoon.

2018 - Dedication to advance skills via skydiving.

Proper equiptment allows Acro to be practiced with heighten safety over ground. Learning to Skydive is the best way to gain knowledge and experience on howto fly, landand pack our Acro Base canopy’s reserves safely and have a whole lot of fun.
Utube - testing the Acro Base system. 

With 2018 coming to a close, I have further plans 2019. Interestingly I was one who always said - I can’t do acro, I get sick. But look at my latest video here. I overcame it! Now my next video project comes to mind. 

 2019 - Wow this new year began with many new and incredible experiences. One of which I was able to train ACRO in "Australia." in keeping development of acro in the foreground.

I travel full time paragliding & skydiving covering over 3000 km north to south following the sun.

There is only one way to do that via fully selfcontained house on wheels, to the envy of many pilots. 

My motivation is happiness, living life doing stuff which I love, while I still can.

My biggest wish is world peace holding respect for all. I leave you with this message.

Don’t offend.

Don’t be offended.

Don’t take revenge.

Have fun, Live life

and share the Love.

Wishing everyone happy landings always, inner peace, love, good karma, happiness and prosperity.