ParaOz. Paragliding Australia

ParaOz. Paragliding Australia


About us

How did I get here? 

MTC - Pro-Design mobile test centre

MTC - Pro-Design mobile test centre

About web admin: I am Australian began paragliding whilst living in Europe 2000. I went full time 2007. After training at Blitz/Boom reserve manufactures I began working for  Pro-Design paragliders running there mobile test centre MTC for paragliding schools, events & Testivals. I am blessed with insider knowledge of the paragliding manufacturing industry a big thanks to Herbert Hofbauer, Pier and Pepi Gastieger Parashop Kössen also to Leoni and Jarda Herman FlyPark Spain Almūnecar

Coming back to Australia 2014 I’ve motivated service and repair centres to heighten practices closer to what we see in Europe. 

Building the brand Australia wide.

Building the brand Australia wide.

2016 BGD Distributor 

BGD mostly unknown in Australia. With Bruce and Arna Goldsmiths encouragement, I took on distribution and brought BGD Australia wide. 

2018 - Dedication to advance skills via skydiving.



Proper equiptment allows Acro to be practiced with heighten safety over ground. Learning to Skydive is the best way to gain knowledge and experience on how to fly, land and pack Acro Base canopy’s reserves safely and have a whole lot of fun learning it. Utube -“Testing the Acro Base system.” 

What in the world 2020 

Wow! Who’d of thought. What a crazy time we are living in. Something totally new to all of us. 

First paragliding STOP for all pilots in lockdown, and back injury much pain and suffering for months. But after 3 months of  2x Osteopanadol 800mg each, 2x Ibuprofen 400mg 3 to 6 times a day I wasn’t  improving. So something different THC is a healer! Overnight what a big change, I begin to heal! Longing to fly goes without saying. 

2021 I'm back paragliding again!

Well honestly I feel so much gratitude. Something I never though be possible. Feeling so lucky to be back in the air and doing some Acro. What joy!

I try not to travel since C full time paragliding but blowed if I'm going to let lockdowns stop me! Located now in Australia Laurieton with Thermal mountain launches and beach sites all close by. Lov it. Thats the life, live it anyway you can the paths will become available to you. Maybe not quite as you imagined but close. 😉

Video - Acro Australia with friends

2022 Progression that's the fun part

 Wow this new year Noce!! Discovering Townville paragliding hills for the winter perfect. As international boarders open I'm off to Türkey keeping acro in the foreground. 

2023 Acro highlights 

Taking helicopter to new levels this year coming from different angles.

Joining tricks, Sat Heli Sat Dynamic stall to Heli Misty to Heli.

2024 More earthly manifestations coming true.

Mini style Paramotoring makes Acro possible.

Logistics such as launch access are a problem of the past. No para waiting, just start & go where you want. Yet having the freedom to Thermal and do Acro all because of this Mini Motor

Dreams and aspirations may never be perfect but close and this one blows my mind. 

Video: Fullstalls with MiniMotor can you see it?

Living Loving Life

My motivation is happiness, living life doing stuff which I love, while I still can.

My biggest wish is world peace holding respect for all. I leave you with this message.

Don’t offend.

Don’t be offended.

Don’t take revenge.

Have fun, Live life

and share the Love.

Wishing everyone happy landings always, inner peace, love, good karma, happiness and prosperity. 

Just a profound thought.  

One would have to laugh but who’s actually qualified out here? Well I am proud to say Australian CFI’s are very advanced in comparison to what I’ve had the pleasure to live and breath among, Australian/German/Austrian/Spanish/Swiss. There are many colors of lives & CFI’s 

Maybe it all makes sense now. Australia is a harsh land. You learn to be tough to survive. 

Learn the Australian language: 

Get a life (Get real)

Shit (a broad term used for many expressions)

Ga-day mate (Good day, “mate” is someone you don’t know the name of)

Don’t forget the Aerogard (Fly & Mosquito repellent)

How ya garn? (How are you?)

Ya feel like a Tooies? (Do u feel like a beer?)

Exercising TH - Six thick thistle sticks, six thick thistles sticks (repeat, repeat faster and faster)