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It doesn’t get better than this.

Small Compact Ready to go set up. 

 LIGHTEST ParaMotor on earth

News update. March 2024

MiniMot - Manufactured by RBparamotors Italy

Small compact 13kg Paramotor arrives in Australia. 

Retail price: $8500 AUD

Incl. Delivery Australia wide.

Battery not incl.

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Check out Purchase PROMOTION for paraglider pilots below. 

    • This new generation of light weight small framed powered Paraglider is made for free flyer paraglider pilots, feels almost the same to fly it’s so light. 
    • Minimots small and compact design allows light weight pilots to take up a sport which normally stayed out of reach, due to extreme weight but now MiniMot allows girls and lighter weight pilots to finally enjoy the sport to.
    • Working with a smaller prop and frame is safer and less inhibiting with less drag and much more freedom of movement. At only 88cm your lines will be are clear of the frame with less chance of lines ending in the motor. In comparison the smallest frame to date is around 140cm comparing to a regular size of 180cm
    • MiniMot boasts safety and quality. It is the lightest professionally developed in the world. Weighing only 13kg. with a whopping 17.5hp, for its size all pilots are nicely surprised at its performance. 
    • Recommend pilots Weight to 80kg. But it will fly upto 102kg. Even Tandem flights are possible.
    • This little MiniMot is developed for taking off at cleared ground level, getting to cloud base or that elusive soaring ridge which you’ve only ever dreamed of flying, is now made possible with the MiniMot. Once arriving turn off motor and enjoy your dream flight. 
    • It’s a great little schooling motor. Students are grateful not having to lug a 25/35kg motor around. 
    • It fits into a hatchback without taking it apart. 


    The manufacture RBparamotor is now building a worldwide distributation network which is well underway in schools in

    England / Europe & America

    MiniMot comes with a 1 year warranty. With delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks to Australia “if no delays” at this moment of writing 28th Feb 2024. 

MiniMot Delivery: 

Ok let’s test delivery times Italian style, Amore.  1st order was made on Fri 23rd February in stock ready to be sent to Oz 8th March. Usual Arrival 14 days via DHL. Which brings it to 22nd March. Anticipated delivery date.


7th March As promised- MiniMot shipped 1 day earlier. Sent via DHL Express cost 560€ shipping from Italy. 🇮🇹 and Sticking to schedule. 👍 

8th March travelling now into the future 

14th March It just spent 4 days at Sydney customs and have Paid import Tax & Duty and clearance around $800.00

Tracking DHL Waybill 5810601436

18th March Arrived at my doorstep. 

Took 13days Production, 11 days to arrive. TOTAL 24 days. 

Mini-Motor to Mountain Thermaling motor off.

1st MiniMot Thermal challenge

9km trip to mountain. 

MiniMot Lightest and smallest Paramotor 

Professionally designed by RBparamotors manufacture for safety and reliability. 

MiniMot review

Get a real look from unpacking to flying the MiniMot. A must see video when considering buying this little gem. MiniMot review.

Go soaring with MiniMot

Starting from the beach, fly to a soaring site, turn off motor and free fly with other pilots. 

Notice to free flying pilots!

Have you been waiting days for the right conditions to fly? I have come to the conclusion this MiniMot is your answer to fly more often where you want and when you want. On the good days it’s your transition, strap in, fly up joining other free flyers. This is not a regular paramotor it’s built for regular paraglider pilots to get more flying, go further or just have a bit of extra fun on. 

However you will require a PPG endorsement to fly it.

PPG ENDORSEMENT PURCHASE PROMOTION: Let’s get the ball rolling. Here at Paragliding Australia purchase a MiniMot and we’ll give $500 towards your training to the school of your choice. For a limited time only.

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See more MiniMot videos - MiniMot Paramotor 

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