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U-Turn paragliders

U-Turn TOP service 

U-Turn paragliders one of the leading brands in Europe. They are high up there with lastest tech and development. Well known safe fun & high performance XC gliders plus they can boast to have produced the best ACRO & Freestyle gliders in the world, say Acro pilots worldwide but it doesn't finish there schools have proven U-turn's EnA to be the best and safest school glider ever developed.

With that you can be sure the handling is in a class of its own! Like U-Turn say safe & real fun. 

U-Turn EVEREST Plus 

THE LIGHTEST PARAGLIDER of it’s time at 2:19kg. in size 19’ 

The Everest plus is more than a hike and fly to me it’s my main wing. Higher glide ratio than it’s predecessor. With just one cell open and a bit of wind she’ll take off on her own in the lightest of breezes. ❤️ A fun but safe wing, and in thermal conditions you’ll feel comfortable in on her, no stress at all. 


At my home site, a flying buddy asks how to do wingovers. So I put this video together. Timing is key and it’s the first step to mastering wingovers plus it’s a fun thing to do. 


2021 The new FREESTYLE Morphous NG review.

A certified freestyle glider that can tumble. 

Before you read further please keep in mind I am 60kg all up so 5kg under the  recommended weight range of 65kg on size 19'

After taking it out for my first Acro runs I gained trust quickly. Without trying a simple Sat went surprisingly high wow that was impressive. (See photo below) Flyback slipped in easy for me but I have done hundreds of them, my Acro buddy Marty on Morpheus NG 21 had it a little harder to get the sweet spot stable but thats nothing unusual when first starting out.

Trying Rhythmic Sat: I gained greater orientation awareness and started to get the idea for the first time. Deepstall 9 sec on first try that was great. Heli more diffecult to keep open I needed to work harder for that with fine adjustments. I must say I felt much more at ease on this wing. Was very happy with the brake pressure and I came away just wanting to practice more. HELP I live in Australia and thats diffecult.

High Sat on Morpheus NG
High Sat on Morpheus NG

VISION 2019 U-Turns new high end EnB 

Unbeatable performance equal and better than the best EnC’s on todays market. Passed testing class of EnB and it just gets better and better with higher safety standards. An amazing glide ratio 11.6 and trim speed of 40kms to V.Trim 54 max. U-Turns VISION goes behond BGD EnC Cure which is still considered the best on today’s market, that is now history as the new VISION has arrived.

Congratulations to Ernst Strobl finding the newest performance design formular 2019 to beat all other EnB and highly likely all EnC’s. 

This glider is a must have if your in the market for the best performance and safety EnB.

2019 All new high class EnB
2019 All new high class EnB


SECURE Comfort 


LTF/EN BXS 20,97 / S 22,97 / SM 24,97 / M 27,07 / L 29,16

The INFINITY5 is a XC wing which will take every pilot to the next class with much safety. The endless flying fun with the legendary INFINITY-feeling goes into the fifth generation. During the development of the glider, everything was under the premise of making an honest low-end B-wing with maximum comfort factor. To translate the character of the Infinity to the current zeitgeist, the wing was completely newly built and equipped with the latest constructional insights. Thus the Infinity-typical sweet-tempered behavior is emphasized with more performance.

2019 EnB - Infinity XC comfort, safety and performance plus!!!
2019 EnB - Infinity XC comfort, safety and performance plus!!!



XS 22,6 / S 24,8 / M 27,2 / L 29,2

The legendary Blacklight was the first of it‘s kind with a record braking high end glide ratio which was unbeatable in it’s class. Now U-Turn has topped that with it newest version of Blacklight 2. 

U-Turn Video’s

Video 1. Check out Blacklight Glide - Amazing.

Video 2. Mike Kung fun with Trinity. 

Video 3. Blackout + Acro with Jay ParaOz

2018 All new colors - 

ACRO Blackout+  

This glider is the number one for all budding or professional Acro pilots worldwide. It is proven to be the safest Acro glider on the market. Pilots try it once and they buy it. So if you can fullstall as comfortable as pulling big-ears then don’t hesitate to get this Acro glider, size will determine dynamics.  

New ACRO Hard core competition Joker 

The NEW JOKER U-turns hard core profi Acro glider perfected by our own Brooke Whatnall Australia’s top Acro pilot is now available.

Just released Hardcore - ACRO Tandem. 

Please get in touch for your special pro-rate.