ParaOz. Paragliding Australia

ParaOz. Paragliding Australia


Paragliding Australia Guide


Detailed look at each site.


Links to main paragliding sites, weather forecasts GREEN means it’s on.

Suggested apps
Quick look forecast - Windfinder
Detailed forecast areas / cloud  - Windyty 

Australian Paragliding pilot travelling guide

If you’d like to make your Australian paragliding trip less stressful. We can give you guidance. 

You will need to show proof that you are a genuine overseas pilot. 

Your info will be safe, not passed on to 3rd parties and will not be used for any other purpose.

We can give custom info to suit each pilot. So please let us know time frame arrival month airport / departure airport or I'll happy to just assist you on arrival. 

Apply here for your free info's 

HINT - It may also be worthwhile looking into purchasing a paraglider during your visit. Oz prices can be a bonus for overseas pilots who save on tax. 

Lets know what your after and l’ll give you my best leads.