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Paragliding Acro in Australia

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1st things first SIV training is key.

SIV is the starting piont for Acro. By the end of a SIV you'll be working towards Acro basics. Its great to test if you like the senation at all, as it does put a lot of stress on your mind and body.

I've listed Australias best CFI's below for you on this page. These CFI's run the safest and best SIV courses in Australia. 

Video - Acro training 2023 on Newest begginer Acro wing Icaro XTC (Reviewed)

Acro in Australia

We are unfortunate not to have mountains well suited for Acro training. It is seriously not safe to practice unless you have all safety aspects covered, have done a few SIV / Acro course over water. 

1. Equiptment 

2. Height (800mtrs or more)

3. Water

Australia offers SIV courses towing from a boat. Towing time is round the 20min mark to reach 800 to 1000 mtrs and gives an approx 4 minute run.

Look for courses with proven SIV safety record, Acro experienced CFI’s and those with a good reputation who treat students with respect.

Here's my recommendations:


MARTIN Wysocki Better known as Hollywood Australia’s top Acro pilot. (SIV & Acro)


Tel. 0432 543 502

Roger Stanford - with Jockey Sanderson.

SIV only which is set on a strict program. 

The CFI’s mentioned above are well experienced and the best Australia has to offer. There maybe others, but beware experience in this field don’t settle for just anyone. 

Offers of BOAT TOWs on a lake to practice Acro  is rarely available to practice during the year. 

IN THE BOX (safety zone)

Generally Acro pilots want to train in smooth air at high altitudes. If you’re ready to train inland over ground get the right equiptment! 2 reserves one steerable, and plenty of height. STOP 500mtr is RED DANGER zone for acro practice. 500 to 250mtr for simple well practiced tricks eg. wingovers. Remember if it goes wrong recovery can take 400mtrs in height or more to recover that’s if it’s recoverable. Each maneuver 75mtrs, gone a little wrong that’s fast to 150mtrs. My tests have shown. So practice new tricks at the very top of altitude zone. That’s how you lower risk.

Practice Öludeniz. Acro for Australians - Dedication means good equiptment and spending time overseas.
Practice Öludeniz. Acro for Australians - Dedication means good equiptment and spending time overseas.


Dedication to groundhandling is the best a thing any pilot can do. It help gives major leap to glider control.  

Playing on our coastal dunes.

Dunes Vic. Kilcunda - 13th Beach - Portsea - QLD Rainbow beach are all top places when wind from 16 knots or more. Fun time with our Acro or freestyle gliders. 

Mystic in Bright subject to extreme turbulance at the best of times. Heights upto 1000mtr above ground working thermals is possible but leaves little in the way for error when mixing that with the turbulence. Push it enough and your bound to be greeting pine trees sometime.

Manilla - getting high over camp and LZ may find some days of opertunity if your well equipt to train over ground and take a thermal back to the top. 

On a negitive note - Larger freestyle/acro wings are needed to glide out so an overloaded smaller Acro wing for thermals ok but to glide out to camp LZ so that rules Manilla out.

Gundowring - I know Gundowring, what seems to be high wind you’d think looks almost too much, happens to be OK and works very nicely later in the day. I believe this maybe the best place for Acro if you catch the right conditions. However logistically it’s diffecult with little activity and is remote. LZ not perfect, a slanty slope on a faster glider becomes more diffecult.

Acro Towing Jan. 2021

The latest acro session with like minded Acro friends.


ALL NEW INVENTION The light steerable square reserve from Charly. Is highly recommended from top Acro pilots who have 1st hand experience, are impressed with its reliability and stand-up landings every time. With several safety improvements to the standard square. The diamond cross ST. Now we can train acro safer over land and we won’t brake the bank doing it. No need for expensive skydiving canopies or Acro base harness which will leave a big hole in your pocket.

Use the Steerable square reserve in combination with quickout carabiners. A perfect setup for Acro training over land after thermaling up to the green zone (go) altitude above 800mtrs for safe Acro training. At our popular thermal sites in Manilla or Bright. Recommended for more experienced Acro pilots. 

For beginners this equiptment gives you a safe option whilst building skills under instruction over water. 

Instead of landing in the water go land on shore keeping all your equiptment dry. 

With a normal harness add a front container to  store your 2nd reserve with a steerable diamond cross reserve. Then with a quick release system if every you decide to ditch your main for comfort. For more details read below. 

If your serious then the Ava Cutaway or Supair Base harness is the way, but its a huge investment $6000 new with a base canopy. 

DiamondCrossST 100 Steerable square reserve. Orders from come Germany.
DiamondCrossST 100 Steerable square reserve. Orders from come Germany.

PARA LOCK all new quick outs glider release

All new quick release system and we have a pair in stock. They are lighter, fits on any paragliding harness. See video below. 

To buy shop online at fly2base or contact me via watts app. QRcode top of page. Cost $135 delivered Australia wide